ONLINE BOOK Lincoln's Yarns And Stories,

Lincoln's Yarns and Stories,

by Alexander K McClure

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A complete collection of the funny and witty anecdotes that made Abraham Lincoln famous as America's greatest story teller.
Whenever Abraham Lincoln wanted to make a strong point he usually began by saying, "Now, that reminds me of a story." And when he had told a story every one saw the point and was put into a good humor. While nearly all of Lincoln's stories have a humorous side, they also contain a moral, which every good story should have.
It includes Presidential Incidents, Stories Of The War, Lincoln's Letters, and Speeches all chronologically arranged, including a biographical sketch. Abraham Lincoln, the Great Story Telling President, whose Emancipation Proclamation freed more than four million slaves, was a keen politician, profound statesman, shrewd diplomatist, a thorough judge of men and possessed of an intuitive knowledge of affairs.





































Lincolns Yarns and Stories




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